Password Liberation Front is a web-based tool that helps you:

  1. Create a unique and strong password for each of your websites

    Don't be one of the hundreds of thousands of internet users who have handed the keys to their private information to anyone who knows where to look

  2. Keep an easily browsable list of the websites you use with the correct log in information

    Never forget your log in information to a website when you need it the most

The features set of the tool is designed with the dual-goals of security and ease of use in mind.


  • Follows common network security practice of using standard cryptographic primitives. Password generator uses the secure SHA-2 algorithm designed and recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA).

  • Strengthens weak passwords. A combination of the key file (random numbers) and master password approaches is used. The key file significantly strengthens the generated passwords, preventing the generated passwords from being cracked if weak master passwords are used.

  • Absolute secrecy of the master password. User-provided master passwords are never transmitted to the server in encrypted or unencrypted form, allowing generated passwords to stay protected even under the worst-case scenario of a complete breech of the Password Liberation Front server.

  • User privacy. Password Liberation Front has no ability to profit from the user's list of websites and related information because all such information is encrypted and accessible only by the user.

  • Malware prevention. Password Liberation Front runs on the web browser and does not require installation. The user does not take the risk of getting key loggers, backdoors, or other malwares that he or she might get from installing untrusted software.

  • Open to scrutiny. The source code of the client-side JavaScript is open for viewing. Anyone interested is free to scrutinize the code and confirm our claims.

  • No cookies. Cookies or other forms of "persistent" storage are never used. Session-based storage is used to store session information, which is erased every time the user logs out of the system or closes the browser window.

Ease of use

  • Strong security with low effort. The user has to remember two passwords - the Password Liberation Front sign in password and the master password. All other passwords are generated by the system. That means the user can concentrate his/her effort on creating and remembering two passwords only. With regular use, there is little risk of forgetting these passwords.

  • Get organized. The website names, usernames, and other information needed to regenerate passwords are stored on the server in encrypted form for easy retrieval. Website information can be organized in different named categories.

  • Portability. Password Liberation Front can be used from anywhere, with any web-enabled device with a modern web browser. This includes smartphones and tablets.

  • No installation. There is no hassle or worry about installing even more software on your computer. This can save your even more work if you have multiple computers and/or smartphones.

  • Intuitive interface. Simple interface for easy browsing and editing of saved website information.

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